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The following services I offer as an English tutor are for NJ and NY students from middle school through college level. Adult learners welcome too! If there's a service you're looking for that is not on this list, just ask me about it.
Young student being tudored. Emily Axelrod,English tutor NJ New Jersey, test preparation NJ New Jersey


Ever read a whole page, only to have no clue what it's about? Do you avoid reading for school, work, or pleasure? Do you sometimes have trouble making sense of different stances expressed in the news?


Improved reading comprehension can lead to better test scores, grades, job performance or even personal enrichment. It is also one of the foundational skills of test preparation. To get there we'll take these steps:


  • Assess your skill level

  • Review phonics as needed

  • Define vocabulary in context

  • Learn annotation skills

  • Decode the meaning of a text

  • Help with homework

  • And more


Test Preparation

Take a brief diagnostic test, and receive a customized learning plan!


Test sections covered:


  • ACT English

  • ACT Reading

  • SAT Reading

  • SAT Writing & Language

  • SAT Literature subject test

  • PSAT - Reading

  • PSAT - Writing & Language


  • GED - English, Social Studies

  • GRE - English

  • AP English Language & Composition

  • AP English Literature & Composition

  • AP European History

  • AP US History

  • World History




- Sequences

- Analogies

- Verbal reasoning

- Reading & language arts


Skills and services covered:


  • Reading comprehension

  • Test-taking speed

  • Test-taking strategies 

  • Frequently tested vocabulary

  • Private school applications



There are 4 basic elements of writing. That’s right, only 4!


  1. Content - (solid ideas)

  2. Grammar/Mechanics - (Standard English)

  3. Structure - (organization)

  4. Style - (readability)


To help you gain confidence as a writer, we'll demystify  the basic rules of written English. Your results will be stronger essays, articles or works of fiction.


Areas covered:


  • Planning writing

  • Outlining

  • Drafting

  • Revision

  • Research writing

  • Homework help

  • And more

College Admissions

There can be a lot of pressure involved in figuring out what colleges expect from incoming freshman writers. On top of that, your application essay needs to be heartfelt and persuasive.


As a university professor, I'm able to guide you through these steps. Together we will decode what application committees expect you to write in response to their essay prompts. For example, often these prompts ask you to zone in on a moment in your life that illustrates what makes you special. There is always something worthwhile to explore about yourself in this sort of narrative, even if you feel as if you haven’t yet accomplished much.


I will help you identify your character traits that match up with your dream school's standards. Then we will zone in on describing a moment in your life when those traits shined through. Once you've completed your outlining and drafting, I will help you polish your grammar and punctuation, ensuring that you write in an active, engaging voice. I’m also happy to provide additional support in narrowing down your choices for a college. I will even help you complete the entire application.


Please contact me if these services sound appealing to you. I look forward to helping you advance in higher education!


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