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"I just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job in editing my paper. I received my paper and scored a 93% I wouldn't have gotten this grade without you. I hope to work with you again." 

Melissa | Brooklyn, NY

 "I'm sending this as a sincere thanks and appreciation for all that you have done this year. I especially loved how dedicated you were, and your passion for teaching is remarkable. It was a great learning environment, and it was delightful."

Sohyla | South Orange, NJ

"Emily has been phenomenal in helping our daughter with both high school English, social studies (History, Sociology, and even Psychology), SAT, and college essays.  My daughter found her a pleasure to work with and gained a lot of confidence from Emily's calm and knowledgeable instructions. She is clear, engaging,  and thorough. My daughter really improved in conversation, writing, and reading skills, which in turn led to boosted grades in school subjects and college acceptances. Highly recommended."

Anna F. | Glen Ridge, NJ

"I already had a topic and needed to narrow the topic. However, I had to write an Annotated Bibliography. Emily reviewed the purpose of an Annotated Bibliography and explained why I need to write one before I complete the course with a final research paper. I had to expand and add more sources. She explained what types of sources to gather, and in general what to search and what not to search. She provided different strategies on different types of searches for a topic, and how to search (a school library and internet resources) were important & would decrease my time in a search. I recommend Emily!"

Neal P. | Lemoore, CA 

"She always opens the class to questions, and will continue explaining until everyone's on the same page. Her vocabulary is pheonomenal, and she will not let anyone leave the class with unanswered questions. She's a great professor."

"I love how kind she was to her students, always making sure we got any help we needed and stayed on task. She was very good at explaining exactly what we needed to get done."

Montclair State University students

"We hired Emily to help our son break through some of his limitations in the area of language, grammar and reading comprehension. She is very patient and was able to quickly assess the area of need and begin to help form a strategy to tackle the upcoming and dreaded standardized tests necessary for college. Highly recommend!"

Susan M. | Montville, NJ 

"Thanks to Emily for helping me slay my college admissions essay!"

Melissa R. | Gardiner, NY

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