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Professional Writing Services

For Adult Learners & Business Professionals

Feel free to contact me if you live in the New Jersey (NJ) or New York (NY) area and you want to brush up on your business writing, technical writing, or advanced academic writing. Together, we'll discuss the standard practices for creating memos, reports, emails, job applications, dissertations, theses, and more. I also can help you budget your time so you meet deadlines from first draft to publication.

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PROOFREADING: I correct errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. You receive the corrected document with a set of Track Changes comments for your review.


COPYEDITING: I proofread your writing using the above methods and edit it with your input to help make it clearer and more concise.


DEVELOPMENTAL EDITING: I proofread and copyedit your writing using the above methods and help you improve your essay structure and your expression of ideas.


RESEARCH EDITING: I correct inconsistencies in MLA, APA, and Chicago citation format to help you maintain academic integrity.


Before we work together consider if you're comfortable doing the following preparation. If not, I'll build it into our sessions.

  • running spell-check and grammar-check.

  • reading work aloud to catch problems.

  • reviewing each line in your printed work.


  • Define how your current skills will benefit employers.

  • Receive help critiquing your resume and cover letter.

  • Get support formatting, proofreading, and copy editing your resume and cover letter. 



  • Identify time management problems with writing projects. 

  • Learn how to pace yourself as you draft, write, and publish your work.

  • Get tips on how to overcome procrastination.


  • Certified NJ Notary Public (I am not an attorney licensed to practice law and may not give legal advice about immigration or any other legal matter or accept fees for legal advice)

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