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Emily E. Axelrod, English Tutor
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Emily E. Axelrod, English Tutor
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Welcome Learners!


No matter where you are in life – a student, a recent graduate, or a member of the workforce, chances are you have some reading and writing-related goals. Wouldn't it be great to meet those goals and feel at ease along the way? I'm an English professor and former paralegal, who also works as a private English tutor in New Jersey (NJ) and New York (NY). I'm dedicated to helping people improve their English Language Arts skills. Here's more about my tutoring practices:


  • I work with ages 8 through adult to improve English skills, and to help with test preparation.


  • I promote a supportive and positive environment by taking a holistic approach to tutoring. I can help determine outside factors that affect academic performance, such as lack of sleep, fear of failure, or anxiety. I'll help you work through some of these academic trouble spots, or refer you elsewhere if you need help outside the scope of my services.


  • I'm patient and sensitive to each student’s needs.


  • I provide customized lessons based on your personal learning goals, in accordance with each state's learning standards.


  • I make sessions engaging, with techniques such as timed-writing exercises and readings that match your interests.


Professional Writing Services

Becoming a better, more organized writer is a good way to advance in your career. If you are a NJ or NY resident, my services are available to improve your writing projects. I can also help you budget your time so your writing goes smoothly from pencil to press!


Subjects covered:


  • Business and technical writing

  • Proofreading and editing

  • English standardization

  • Resumes and cover letters

  • Time management

  • Document notarization

Test Preparation 

Exam designers do a good job making you feel nervous and confused. I'll do a better job helping you reach your target score. I can also guide you in situations where you're not sure whether or which test to take (for example, do you need ACT, SAT, or neither?)


  Subjects covered:


  • ACT English

  • ACT Reading

  • SAT Reading

  • SAT Writing & Language

  • SAT Literature subject test

  • PSAT - Reading

  • PSAT - Writing & Language

  • TOEFL/TOEFL Junior

  • GED - English, Social Studies

  • GRE - English

  • Regents - English

  • AP English Language & Composition

  • AP English Literature & Composition

  • AP European History

  • AP US History

  • AP World History






Verbal reasoning

Reading and Language Arts


It's my goal  to help you understand, write about and appreciate the literature and informational texts you encounter in school, in daily life, or in the workplace. Contact me for help with everything from test preparation, to essay crafting, or even just making sense of your NJ or NY school's summer reading list. 


Subjects covered:


  • Reading comprehension

  • Essay drafting process

  • Critical thinking/rhetorical analysis

  • Literary analysis

  • Grammar and mechanics

  • Vocabulary and spelling

  • Creative writing

  • Homework support

  • Application essays

  • ESL/ELL challenges

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